Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.9.2

Looks like there’s an interesting bug which is doing odd things to comments. I’m not seeing it, though; but if you are, let me know! Thanks (: We found the bug – it only appears if you display related posts. Updating to version of the plugin will fix it. (I’m pretty sure I fixed a bug in the AJAX tag-adding bits too – it looked like it would have been broken, in any case)

Sometimes you take steps forwards, and then you take steps backwards.

In the WordPress 2.0 version of the plugin, I’ve moved the tag-entering bit back to how it was previously – the way I had it, to get it to work was a flakey-flakey thing which caused problems which far out-weighed its usefulness.

I’ve updated the help (I think!), to include the last few versions worth of changes.

And fixed a few other bugs here and there (:

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14 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.9.2

  1. Hello Christine. Your plugin is awesome; I’m so glad I came across it. I have a question: I’ve been adding tags to my posts for months, using ecto and now Performancing for Firefox, but not using custom fields. Do you have any ideas how to import all of those tags into UTW so they are reflected in a tag cloud on my sidebar?

  2. Magnificent is what UTW is ! :- ) Thanx I love it.

    (Was going to post the following in the forum, but alas registration has not come through yet 😦 )

    I have the inkling of an idea – hope it makes sense. The tags fulfil essentially two navigational functions (when one uses the icons linking to technorati etc), one is navigation and organisation in the blog, the other is linking out. Some tags however may be specific to the blog and the author might now that searching these at the external sites will come up blank. Would it be possible to implement some kind of code-tag (in front?) of the tags inserted in the post screen that would disable the externally links for that keyword-tag.

    E.g. When a post is tagged ‘Salutogenesis’ it is useful to viewers to be able to link out to see what the hell it means, but a tag like ‘Béo’ the name of my kid, does not need that. Ideally I suppose what would be really neat is an additional tag that links to a search of a glossary in the blog.

    So for the wish list, being able to individually enable or disable (I imagine a greyed-out, or strike-through version of the icon) through maybe some control character)

    Does this make sense and how hard/possible would it be?

    Thanx again!


  3. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for this update. This fixed a weird scrolling issue in the writing panel I was having. If I were to enter in more keywords than the form field could display, it wouldn’t scroll to the left. Now it does. Thanks!


  4. Hello Christine

    Do you still maintain the Ultimate Tag Warrior: Tag Archive plugin? I was not able to locate it anywhere on your site. If I missed it , or this is something that is no longer needed due to the new version, I do appologize but I enjoy being able to easily tag my posts and then display them on my archieves page. Kepp up the awesome work! 🙂

  5. Hi Christine – great plugin!

    Just one thing…

    If you have old posts that have not been tagged w/ UTW… should this be displayed by default for each post?

    Technorati Tags:

    (that’s all.. no listing of tags or anything)

    I went into ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php (line 881) and added the following:

    if (count($tags)
    Hopefully that came across… but basically just check that the $tags variable is actually 1 or greater. If not, set the $out to “” and just return that, instead of a “Technorati Tags:” string.

    Also, we were seeing the:
    Tag1 Tag2 Tag3 Technorati Tags: Tag1 Tag2 Tag3

    thing for a while. this was mentioned in the main UTW thread but the solution wasn’t posted. any tips?

    Thanks for the rockin plugin! We’re using it on all our Niner Niner blogs (ninerniner.com).

  6. Hi Christine,

    Really great plugin! I have added tags to 50 of my 250 posts, the tag cloud is working really well!

    I read from an older post in oct 05 that there was a request to have a “mass edit” page to facilitate users who just started tagging to tag older posts in a simpler process.

    Any news?

  7. Like UTW very much but the Get Keyword Suggestions (via Tagyu) option was broken – at least, it wouldn’t work at this end. I did some tinkering with the script, added support for tagyu.com’s authenticated queries and some other stuff and it works fine for me at this end. If you want, I can send you the modified code 🙂

  8. Hi I get the following error when I run Tidy Tags

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1]
    DELETE FROM wp_tags where tag_id =

    Any clues?

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