Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.9.1

– Spaces are going to be replaced with hyphens by default instead of underscores. Existing tags aren’t automatically changed; but if you want to, there’s some SQL here that will do it for you.
– Prefixes and suffixes for auto-tags had a dumb bug which I’ve fixed (:

– In wordpress 2, tag names with apostrophes are problematic. If things are broken, try renaming those tags.
– There’s still work to be done with special characters.
– I’m still not sure about .htaccess/rewriting issues in wordpress 2.

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15 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.9.1

  1. Good evening. Thank you for your wonderful plugin 🙂

    I had a quick question, if I may? I have noticed that I don’t have labels showing up in my input area for readers to post their comments. I looked at the source code and notice that a “div=error” type attribute is attached to the label definitions. I read about the OpenSwitch having an issue with the error div. Do you think its relationed to your plugin? I haven’t tried to disable the plugin and then look. Perhaps I should try that first?

    Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. I don’t know if it’s Utlimate Warrior, but I don’t seem to be listed in Technorati under my tags. Is there a place that explains how Technorati posts content from tags, or is there a possibility that I have something broken that is preventing my posts from making it into the Technorati?

  3. Hi!

    can anyone expalin why i cannot access this website from http://www.newsalloy.com ?

    what are the preconditions since you do not even have robots.txt to read ?

    what wrong if spider wants to get RSS feed ? is is reasonable ?

    also could you (author/blogger) check you BB plugin so check why is i generates errors ? thanks!

    please contct me via email!


  4. This great plugin is not working with rewrite-rules and WP2. The rewrite rule is too simple “^/tag/([A-Za-z_0-9-]+)/?$” => “/index.php?tag=$1” and it’s syntax is OK. I use lighttpd server but I think the problem is elsewhere -)

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