3 thoughts on “It’s *fun* to Upgrade

  1. Ahoy!
    Thanks for the awesome UTW – I love it but my WP 2.0 install doesn’t seem to. I’ve got one site that kinda barfs when UTW is enabled now. It’s got the tags all set in it but when I attempt to print out the technorati tags I get this (hope this displays alright):

    Technorati Tags:

    WordPress database error:

    [Unknown column ‘Object’ in ‘on clause’] SELECT DISTINCT t.tag FROM wp tags t INNER JOIN wp post2tag p2t ON p2t.tag id = t.tag id INNER JOIN wp po

    I figure I’m probably one of the few broken installs, but I wanted to let you know in case this comes up elsewhere (and in case you wanted to fix it for me!)

    Thanks again!

  2. Oh dear – it looks like I wasn’t even using the most current version. Nevermind then – it looks like you’ve solved this problem… long ago.

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