Boeuf Bourguignon

This is boeuf bourguignon, made using the recipe in the Les Halles cookbook; give or take. This is my second attempt at this, and both times it’s ended up with the liquid closer to brown than red. One of these days, I’ll figure out where I’m going wrong.

One month down..

..and with any luck, only another 119 months of being mortgaged to go. *crosses fingers*

To celebrate, I have a cold!

Stupid cold.

Category Archive plugin 0.2

Behold, version 0.2 of my category archive plugin!


  • Some type checking on the parameters passed in to the functions.
  • The addition of get_limited_category_archive(), which gets only the categories specified
  • The inclusion of a $getchildren parameter to the standard archive-getter, which allows excluding the display of child categories

Function Reference

get_category_archive($limit = 10, $parent = 0, $getchildren=true)
  • $limit is the maximum number of posts to get for a category. 0, -1, or none will get all of the posts.
  • $parent is the id of the parent category to get.
  • $getchildren specifies whether the children of the categories should be displayed
get_limited_category_archive($categories, $limit = 10)
  • $categories is the list of categories to retrieve. This can be either an array of category ids, or it can be a comma seperated list (for example: 1,2,5,7)
  • $limit is the maximum number of posts to get for each category. 0, -1 or none will get all posts.


css class = categoryarchive

css class = categoryarchivename
{the name of the category}
css class = categoryarchivedesc
{the description of the category, if set}
css class = categoryarchiveposts
{the most recent postings for this category. If there are more postings than the limit specified, a link is included to the category page.}

The plugin lives at

Category Archive plugin

Newer version here

This is a category archive plugin. It displays a list of all categories, along with the first x posts for each category.

The plugin lives at

To install, copy the contents of that file to your plugins directory; enable the plugin; then make a call to the get_category_archive($limit, $parent) function.

$limit specifies the number of posts to get for each category; and $parent specifies the parent id. If the $parent parameter is left blank, then all of the categories will be retrieved. Alternately, if a category id is specified, only the categories under that category will be retrieved.

The output takes the form of a set of divs, with the specified CSS class names.




Roast Duck with Pomegranate Molasses (and rice pilaf).

This was delicious the first time around, when we made it last night; and the leftovers were just as good tonight. Instead of making a rice pilaf, however, we used the rendered duck fat to roast potatoes, kumara and mushrooms that turned out fabulous.