Category Archive plugin

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This is a category archive plugin. It displays a list of all categories, along with the first x posts for each category.

The plugin lives at

To install, copy the contents of that file to your plugins directory; enable the plugin; then make a call to the get_category_archive($limit, $parent) function.

$limit specifies the number of posts to get for each category; and $parent specifies the parent id. If the $parent parameter is left blank, then all of the categories will be retrieved. Alternately, if a category id is specified, only the categories under that category will be retrieved.

The output takes the form of a set of divs, with the specified CSS class names.



3 thoughts on “Category Archive plugin

  1. Can you call more than one category in the parent-id thing?
    like get_category_archive($limit=none, $parent=1,2,3,4) and the rest are ignored? I’d like an archive page for all my categories bar certain ones that I am calling as pages already.

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