Category Archive plugin 0.2

Behold, version 0.2 of my category archive plugin!


  • Some type checking on the parameters passed in to the functions.
  • The addition of get_limited_category_archive(), which gets only the categories specified
  • The inclusion of a $getchildren parameter to the standard archive-getter, which allows excluding the display of child categories

Function Reference

get_category_archive($limit = 10, $parent = 0, $getchildren=true)
  • $limit is the maximum number of posts to get for a category. 0, -1, or none will get all of the posts.
  • $parent is the id of the parent category to get.
  • $getchildren specifies whether the children of the categories should be displayed
get_limited_category_archive($categories, $limit = 10)
  • $categories is the list of categories to retrieve. This can be either an array of category ids, or it can be a comma seperated list (for example: 1,2,5,7)
  • $limit is the maximum number of posts to get for each category. 0, -1 or none will get all posts.


css class = categoryarchive

css class = categoryarchivename
{the name of the category}
css class = categoryarchivedesc
{the description of the category, if set}
css class = categoryarchiveposts
{the most recent postings for this category. If there are more postings than the limit specified, a link is included to the category page.}

The plugin lives at

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