UTW: Maybe it’s time for a revolutionary change

I’ve been thinking about changing UTW to have a bare-bones tagging implementation; with additional plugins to perform various bits of extra functionality.

Would having to enable a handful of plugins be completely irritating? Would it be confusing?

(So you’d have the core-UTW plugin with, say, a simple formatting plugin and the geegaw tag-interface; or perhaps core-UTW with fine grained formatting and a textbox tag-interface (ooh! or one suited to Asian language); or maybe you’d enable some kind of import/export plugin to do that task as you need it, then disable it once complete; or all sorts of things)

So, uh, feedback would be nice (:

Tags come to Neato

Hokay. I’ve mangled my blog software to support tags; so now there are tags associated with postings as well as categories.

I’ve changed the display of my postings to include links to the corresponding technorati tag page; but also to a local tag page which displays just the postings in my blog that match any given tag.

Also, if you go to http://www.neato.co.nz/tag/sometag you’ll get a display of matching items.