Ultimate Tag Warrior: Please Read!

Ultimate Tag Warrior is unsupported with WordPress 2.3. WordPress 2.3 does, however, have a thingy for importing UTW tags into WordPress.

You should do that (:

Then, you should have a look at WordPress Things. Some of them cover UTW functionality. There will be a plugin for the UTW template tags.. soon.. which should allow theme stuff to keep on working; but alas, there are still many kinks to iron out. Check back in a week for that one (:

7 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior: Please Read!

  1. Hmm… I don’t have an install of WordPress 2.3 handy; but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the options under a top level Import admin page.

    I have a feeling there’s also a link at the bottom of the category edit screen. But I’m less sure about that since it doesn’t make as much sense as being on the Import page.

  2. It’s under Manage > Import . . . lots of wonderful things to import from. I just don’t think i can ever part with UTW, but it almost seems like these WordPress Things will ultimately be rolled into a new UTW, using wordpress’s built in tagging, rather than maintaining a separate one. Sounds even more convenient, now it would be just a front-end. Can’t wait to get ahold of more of your plugin work!

    Thanks for all the tagging support!

  3. I cant believe this – I can’t even imagine using WordPress without UTW….

    Does the new WordPress have a tag cloud function? I don’t even feel like upgrading 😦

  4. Jeroen, the native tagging thing is embedded in the category table, disabling it is just not possible.

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