A Call To Plugin Authors

I’m going to restructure Ultimate Tag Warrior a bit. I’m not sure about the finer details of it yet.

However. If you’ve written a plugin or other such thing which interacts with or depends on Ultimate Tag Warrior; you should let me know how you use it, so that I don’t break your plugins (:

If you use the template tags (UTW_Show…), I’ll make sure that is going to keep working in much the same way (so if you have a UTW theme, it will probably be A-OK); but if you use functions in the Ultimate Tag Warrior classes, it’s much more important that you tell me what you’re using.


25 thoughts on “A Call To Plugin Authors

  1. Exciting! I’m a long term user of the plugin (no custom stuff, just the tags) so I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do to it. 🙂

  2. I’m waiting with a tremor the update for wp 2.1.1. I’m a noob in php so I don’t use any of UTW functions, but I still love you for this plugin. By the way… a subscribe to comment on this site will be great… or at least a email subscribe to all posts

  3. I’m responding to this and your earlier post about splitting UTW up into pieces. You can please everyone. I think it would be ideal to have both options, i.e. retaining the 3.14159265 (oops, this one doesn’t work for me, just changed back to 3.1415926) and a core UTW with various little and simple plugins to be activated when needed. I could do a little plugin but I wouldn’t dare looking beyond first 10 lines of your codes. If you have other smaller one then beginners like me could manage those, with a bit of luck you could even write tutorial such that others could help writing add-on plugins to your core UTW, isn’t that nice?

  4. I have written a small plugin that takes the tags from a del.icio.us daily post (which is coming in via xmlrpc) and injects them into UTW so that the post is tagged with all the tags from del.icio.us.
    The plugin page with a link to the source can be found at http://blog.ranta.info/ultimate_daily_posts/ – if you can keep UTW compatible I will be happy, if not I will find another way to do what I want. I don’t think that more than 5 people use my plugin anyhow…

  5. I’m not a developer, but tend to push the limites of tools. I think integration into blog publishing tools such as Qumana would be a great thing for UTW and vice versa.

  6. Do you have time for this? Should it be made into an open-source project so multiple developers can develop? For example, there is still the ongoing problem with search breaking with the latest release. . .

  7. I’ve got a problem with the plugin,
    the configuration menu does not
    show places to enter the tags or synonyms.

    Everything else seems to be there –
    what do I need to do?

  8. I hate to post this the wrong place, but I’m hoping you will look at this. I can’t log into the forum. I know that I have the correct username and password, because I did the Reset Password thing. Now when I put them in, I get taken back to the Forum main page, and the words still say “Sign In” at the top, and I do not have the opportunity to create a new thread.

    I did not see any other way to contact you on your site. Please delete this or move it to the right place after you see it…

  9. Just so that you know before you put a lot of work into this, tags are alerady in WP trunk. I’m not sure how the implementation will compare to UTW, but you might want to check it out before you spend a lot of time, because a lot of people might move to the in-built tagging system. I’m not sure, but just wanted to give a heads-up.

  10. I love UTW, but unfortunately I also like the BBPress forum, and apparently the two collide. It is the is_tag function I’ve heard some say. It would be great if there was a way to work around, so I and many others could use both UTW and BBPress.

  11. WordPress 2.2-SVN comes with an UTW tags importer, btw. Go to Manage > Import after upgrading (and deactivating UTW), and add the_tags() to your template to output the tags.

  12. WordPress 2.2-SVN already has an importer for UTW tags. After upgrading your blog and disabling the UTW plugin, go to Manage -> Import -> Ultimate Tag Warrior.

    Then use the_tags() to show the tags in your template.

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