Monetizing My WordPress Blog

I’m going to give advertisements through Project Wonderful a shot, to see if they’re more useful to me than adsense (Adsense works pretty well – it covers the cost of hosting; but it’s not as good as it could be from a CPM point of view).

Project Wonderful has a nifty name, which is something I like in things; but I think the way you buy ads is interesting – you pay by the day, in auctions: The person who has the highest bid gets their ad displayed. There’s more about how it works here.

At the moment, I’ve put five slots on the main Ultimate Tag Warrior page to see what happens; since that’s where most of the traffic goes (:

p.s. there will be a release of next generation UTW sometime soon…

5 thoughts on “Monetizing My WordPress Blog

  1. Interesting. Do they give you extra if you make a blog post like this about them? 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m pretty much completely against most online advertising for a whole variety of different reasons. The revenue model, in general, just doesn’t add up in the end. It’s all a bit sketchy and thre’s no use going into the gory details. One thing I found amusing checking out the ads on the UTW page was that at least one of them was an ad for a “free” online game. Now if one was running a truly “free” service, why/how would they be spending money and effort marketing it? Ad-supported sites linking to ad-supported sites through ads, etc… I dunno, am I the only one that sees something as being slightly off? It’s like a big pyramid scheme. Despite having no money myself, I still rather pay for software/services I want to use.

    Anyhow, I still do hope it works out for you! And fwiw, the little icons seem less annoying/intrusive (and less tricky) than adsense ads. Just don’t start doing stuff like sticking them in the middle of posts or streaming down the sidebar. 😛

    One question with UTW… any chance you’re leaving room for ‘+’ to be used in place of space characters optionally (possibly with an addon if necessary)? Have to say I’m surprised you’ve already got a restructured version coming so soon! No rush.

    Best wishes,


  2. Nah, they don’t give you extra for posting about them (: I was half hoping for ads that weren’t for webcomics (;

    Adsense manages to cover the cost of my hosting, which is nice – running this thing isn’t y’know, costing me cashmoney I could otherwise be spending on important things like candy (:

    *cough* There are already adsense ads down the sidebar (; although the middle of posts is irritating (:

    At the moment, + gets used for “and” – if you go to the tag page for sometag+anothertag, what you’ll see is things which are tagged with both.

  3. Yeah, I know the bit about + being used for “and” — I was pushing for an alternate method a while back on your old Phorum forum… was just wondering if that may have been left open to change for greater flexability given the great restructuring. The problem a lot of people face in migrating tagging plugins is the variation in what’s used as a space breaks all their indexed links containing those characters, etc. Personally I don’t think most blog material belongs in normal search engines anyway, but I’m still hung up on there being some sort of standard for tagging.

    Oh, speaking of which, while I love your experimental tag page (it rocks), have you ever seen Dailymotion’s tag browsing interface? ( It’s surprisingly intuitive though it really only implements AND and not OR.

    As for the adsense nonsense, I’m amazed by how much you do for others and you deserve at the very least to be compensated for your hosting along with some candy (as long as you like chocolate that is). I just have issues with the web mass advertising model as a whole. Don’t think I’m judging you with the comments. The adsense on the side isn’t irritating, btw, I was suggesting that having little animated cartoons streaming down the side would be a bit distracting. 😉

    Okay, time to stop pestering… cheers!


  4. I think I remember that.. something like, allowing specifying the values for space / and / or somewhere, right?

    There are a couple of predefined formats which do a couple of similar things to that site – andcommalist/htmllistandor. For a single tag it’ll show a + beside the other tags which takes you to the intersection page and an | which takes you to the union; for a union or intersection, it’ll add any other tags to the union or intersection. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything that would exclude tags currently in the set, though… which does seem kinda useful (:

    I’ve had way-way-trollier responses to the ad thing d:

  5. I searched the forum and I believe this thread is where I started in:

    Of course it seems I managed to get way off track very quickly in the thread. What’s funny is I just realized I say in part of it, “at the rate you’re going with features you’re going to start needing an api interface for developers to make extensions for the UTW plugin soon, haha.” 😉

    I did implement the “+” as a space for myself on my now long-abandonded and broken playground of a blog though I never kept up with changes to the UTW code. If you want to glance over the thread that’s cool, but don’t worry yourself over it… with the more modular version of the plugin, it should be even easier for us to customize/contribute! 🙂

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