Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14

Download Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14

Behold, the long awaiting next version of Ultimate Tag Warrior. There are three new and important things to ogle at:

Mark wrote a thing which caches tags, so a whole-bunch less database queries will take place. Thanks Mark! (:
– There’s a shiny new option (on the options page) which will automatically include the appropriate tags in a meta keyword field, in the page header.
– I think I’ve fixed the thing with tag suggestions that was causing javascript errors for people. (Also, you can push both buttons and both sets of tag suggestions will display)

– There’s also a new predefined format that will create a tag cloud in the form ordered list of coloured/sized tags. It’s called tagcloudlist. It’s not as important as the other three, but someone wanted one, so there you go.

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15 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14

  1. Christine,

    This is a great plugin. I appreciate the work you put into it. So….here’s a feature request: what about the ability to put all tags in a drop-down menu, for example in a sidebar?



  2. I made an attempt at solving some of the superajax issues that were popping up on the support forum, but I may be a step behind. I’m not even sure I was working from the latest version. If it’s of any use, it’s here. If not, well, I didn’t mean to seem uppity. ;-).

  3. I recently upgraded and after a few weeks of my blog getting noticably slower, I investigated.

    I noticed that now, in my wp_postmeta table, there were over 5700 entries of meta tags, nearly all consisting of key = “_utw_tags_0” with no values associated with them.

    I removed all these, as well as the ones with a key of “_utw_tags_”, and voila, instant speedup. I also commented out the add_post_meta() function in utw_core.php to make this stop happening.

    Dunno if this is what Mark’s change mentioned above was, but if so, it looks like it needs a serious rethink.

  4. OMG..
    Agree with Otto (#4)
    Just install plugin today (10th August 2006), added tags to 2 post and what happen to my wp_postmeta table..
    Incredible… there were approx 4500 entries “_utw_tags_0” with no values associated with them.

    Christine… Help !!

  5. FYI:
    Every front page of my blog refresh, approx 48 – 56 entries of empty “_utw_tags_0″ keys automatically added to wp_postmeta table.

    Otto’s solution stop them all 🙂
    Just uncomment this line :
    add_post_meta($postID, ‘_utw_tags_’ . $limit, $tags);

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  7. I miss (or have missed) a feature: RSS feed on tags like technorati has. Is this already done or not?

    Anyway. I really love your plugin (don’t worry, I only love my wife… 🙂 ).

  8. Thank you Christine for your email. For you outside here she suggest me to try URLs like /tag/”tag”/rss2 (or replace “rss2” with “atom” for ATOM feeds), or a similar one for non-modrewrite URLs: index.php?tag=”tag”&feed=rss2

    By “tag” is the entered tag. But When I do so I got this error message:

    Fatal error: Unknown function: do_feed() in /path/path/path/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php on line 484

    Looks like – what she also guessed – that my WP installation is pretty broken… 😦

    I digg into the code now and report when and surely *how* I have fixed it.

  9. Ok, I found the function somewhere in the net. So here is a work-around for it:

    1. Open ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php
    2. Search for “require_once(‘ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php’);”
    3. Add behind: “require_once(‘ultimate-tag-warrior-functions.php’);”

    All without the quotes (“).

    Point your browser here:

    And save it as ultimate-tag-warrior-functions.php in your wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior directory.

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