Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.1

OMG! New Version!

– Fixes the bug where an error was displaying in the tag box for new posts
– Automagically included Technorati and local tags are now wrapped in tags. Technorati tags use the CSS class named “technoratitags” and local tags use the CSS class “localtags”
– You can view the union of tags! If you go to /tags/tag1|tag2|…|tagn then the tag page will display the union of those tags. At this stage, you can have either a tag intersection or a tag union; you can’t mix the operators up.
– There’s a new formatting string, “andcommalist” that will display a comma list of tags, along with a link to the intersection page (when appropriate – either from viewing a tag page with a single tag, or viewing the tag page for an intersection of tags)

– There are also new custom formatting placeholders!
-%intersectionurl% that displays the url for the current set of tags and the tag being rendered.
-%unionurl% that displays the url for the current union of tags, along with the tag being rendered.
-%intersectionicon% that displays the intersection url with a little icon (intersection icon).
-%unionicon% that displays the union url with a little icon (union icon).
-%intersectionlink% that displays the intersection url as a link, with a + as the link text
-%unionlink% that displays the union url as a link, with a | as the link text

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12 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.1

  1. Quick observation: using a directory-like structure for unions seems a little counter-intuitive. I would, as a user, expect that /tag1/tag2 would be more specific than just /tag1… /tag1 would show me everything tagged with tag1, /tag1/tag2 would show me a subset of tag1 items that are also tag2. I would be confused to find more items at /tag1/tag2/tag3 than are at /tag1. On the other hand, /tag1+tag2 could easily be understood as “items tagged as tag1 and items tagged as tag2” instead of the current “items tagged as tag1 AND tag2”.

  2. Or tags are split with pipes (|) rather than slashes (/) (:

    I opted for pipes, since that’s the most convenient symbol I could think of with the meaning of “or” or “union”… I’m open to suggestions to the contrary (:

  3. Just keeps getting better Christine!!

    In addition to many of the other functions in UTW, I am now using the related posts tag. Is there a way to sort the items that show up by date? In other words, the latest related story would be at the top of the list.

  4. The answer is.. probably! I’m at work just at the moment; but it looks like a fairly straightforward plugin, so I should be able to patch it in such a way that it’ll play nice with UTW.

    If you want to get related images to show up right now, you could go to the Manage > Tags page, and scoot to the bottom of the page and use the custom field importer/exporter to put the data in the place where the related images plugin expects.

    But first: if you’ve got old tag data hanging around in meta-data fields that you haven’t imported; you should import it before doing this (: Going backwards overwrites existing data.

    With the warning out of the way, use technorati_tags as the custom field name, and (space) as the delimiter; and click the “Export to Custom Field” button.

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