Whee. I have a WordPress.com invite to dispense

Putting it on ebay would be tacky; so, uh… I’ll give it to the person who gives the best reason as to why they should have it, in the next 24 hours.



Aaaaand… the lucky winner is: pdx on the basis that they don’t seem to have a blog yet; whereas Dmitri does (:

As a runner up prize, I’m going to get UTW working on Dmitris blog d:

10 thoughts on “Whee. I have a WordPress.com invite to dispense

  1. I would love an invite because then I could fully realize something I’ve always wanted to do – critiquing. Not completely seriuos critiquing though, but rather a bit of this, a bit of that. Blogs, the net, various aspects of life, etc.

  2. Ok, I did some more nudging and I got poked! Do you want me to email the list of things not operational? I don’t know if you even want to bother with it since it’s still DO-NOT-USE alphaness

    But could be fun =)

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