Ultimate Tag Warrior Bugfix Release

Item the first: If you’re getting 404 errors on your tag pages, try going to the Options > Permalinks page in wp-admin, and click the Update Permalinks button.

Item the second: There’s a bugfix release of UTW. Download Here! It should deal with the problem that contact form plugin thingy people were having – go to the Options > Tags page, and resave your options; then all should be good in the world.

Item the third: I’m looking for beta testers for taggish plugins I’m putting together for WordPress 2.3. If you’d like to beta test, and are using WordPress 2.3, send an email to beta [at] neato [dot] co [dot] nz.


14 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior Bugfix Release

  1. Hey thanks so much for the amazing plugin! I use it on my own blog of course, but also I’ve been testing it for WordPress MU and it’s rocking and rolling so far on that as well!

  2. I have emailed you as soon as I read your post. Many thanks for giving this a go and I’ll be glad to be one of your victims…er…beta testers! 😉

  3. Item the first works perfectly.
    Item the second isn’t really much of a concern of mine. I don’t have that contact form plugin anyway.
    Item the third is something I look forward to, being one of your beta testers. Besides, my test blog hasn’t been a guinea pig for a long time now.

    Thanks for this great plugin. 😀

  4. Christine,

    I wanted to ask for a while. I have the UTW 3.14… version. Some tags will not work at all, specifically due to it renaming them. For instance, I want a tag called 9/11 , but I have to do 9-11. It simply won’t do 9/11. I tried all sorts of tricks but nothing solved it.

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