Ultimate Tag Warrior Bugfix Release

Item the first: If you’re getting 404 errors on your tag pages, try going to the Options > Permalinks page in wp-admin, and click the Update Permalinks button.

Item the second: There’s a bugfix release of UTW. Download Here! It should deal with the problem that contact form plugin thingy people were having – go to the Options > Tags page, and resave your options; then all should be good in the world.

Item the third: I’m looking for beta testers for taggish plugins I’m putting together for WordPress 2.3. If you’d like to beta test, and are using WordPress 2.3, send an email to beta [at] neato [dot] co [dot] nz.


14 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior Bugfix Release

  1. Hey thanks so much for the amazing plugin! I use it on my own blog of course, but also I’ve been testing it for WordPress MU and it’s rocking and rolling so far on that as well!

  2. Item the first works perfectly.
    Item the second isn’t really much of a concern of mine. I don’t have that contact form plugin anyway.
    Item the third is something I look forward to, being one of your beta testers. Besides, my test blog hasn’t been a guinea pig for a long time now.

    Thanks for this great plugin. 😀

  3. Christine,

    I wanted to ask for a while. I have the UTW 3.14… version. Some tags will not work at all, specifically due to it renaming them. For instance, I want a tag called 9/11 , but I have to do 9-11. It simply won’t do 9/11. I tried all sorts of tricks but nothing solved it.

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