Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.141

New version!

– Stops uses deprecated tables, so everything should be A-OK for state-of-the-edge WordPress 2.1 installs.
– Fixes the postmeta issue* (:
(If you go to Manage > Tags, and click the Tidy Tags button; the postmeta guff will be cleared out)

Download here

* When a post without tags was requested, a new empty row was being added. *smacks forehead*

20 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.141

  1. Psst Christine, there is this minor spelling typo in your plugin typo which shows out as your plugin description in dashboard.

    ‘Ultimate Tag Warrior is a tagging pluging, that’s heavy on tag visualisation. By Christine Davis.’

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  3. I have a few bugfixes, including some database errors on the delete tag function, the superajax format, the suggest features and a mod to add an autosuggest feature that has been getting good reviews from beta testers. Please contact me as I think some or all of this should be rolled into the next release.

  4. Hi, What I downloaded unzipped as UTW3-141WP2

    and it’s not showing up in my dashboard…
    what’s wrong?

    is it because I’m not running WP2.1
    I think I’m running 2.0

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