The Internets need more pages to show up for… Ghosturbation.

In other news, Lord Stilton I and Lord Stilton II currently smell…. like death. I’ll probably keep them around until the end of the week to see if they start smelling like cheese; but I’m not holding my breath.

In other cheese related news, the camembert that I made the other week is starting to get fuzzy, and smells fruity. Not like death at all.

(I.. uh.. have a week or so of stilton photos; and some making-of photos of the camembert that I hadn’t mentioned before now, lurking on my digital. You know how it is.)

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.7

This version of UTW is pretty much the same as 2.8.6….

…except that I’ve made a few tweaks here and there, so now it’s compatible with the latest 1.6 build of wordpress (Not sure about earlier 1.6 versions, though.)

Download hereDownload here instead | Support forum here