Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.8

Just a few little bug fixes in this version (:

(The issue with new posts in wordpress 1.6/2b has been fixed; along with an odd bug that Bill found with 404s and a weird plugin interaction; and it adds the core functionality needed for the experimental search)

Download here | General info here | Support Forum here

Update: Tag Search thingy! Download the tag search page; add it to your theme (and make changes as necesary… uh; if you have UTW installed in a different place, you’ll need to tweak the ajax url.. this is just an example!!! (: ); Create a new page, and use the Tag Search page template.

The tag search thing does depend on using version 2.8.8 of UTW.

15 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.8

  1. Sorry to look like a damn n**b 🙂 but i don’t know what to do with search template when you say ‘add it to your theme’.

    Can you be more explicit please. Thx

  2. (:

    In your wordpress install, there’s a folder, wp-content; which has a themes folder. Put a copy of the file in the folder of the theme that you’re using; and rename it to searchtags.php

  3. Hi Christine, installation went smoothly here. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the format similar to “technoraticommalistwithlabels” where, instead of the text “Technorati tags:” we can have just a (one) Technorati icon. Is this planned in the future? tx

  4. 🙂 Another thing: this is something that I’msure doesn’t depend on UTW, but you might help. On pages like
    I used the default page template, but everytime I do that, it calls (I think) theloop.php and UTW returns at the bottom of the page “no tags”.

    How can I modify theloop.php or the page.php in order to not show the tags at the end of the page? tx

  5. The tag search thing does depend on using version 2.8.8 of UTW.

    Thank You Christine for this little addition.

  6. Hello,

    Until 2.0RC1 UTW (a wonderfull piece of code) did work using permalinks and a hand coded htacess entry

    Since RC1 permalinks doesnt work at all

    Any hope ?


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