Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8! Free to a good home!

– Tag entry bits are now comma separated instead of space separated (Tags that contain spaces will have underscores magically added for now, though*)
– There are synonyms for tags!

I should explain the synonym thing (:

Basically, there are tags; and there are synonyms. Each are special in their own ways. A tag is the really-real version of a keyword. A synonym is a fake-tag that pretends to be a tag. A synonym can be associated with a tag via the Manage Tags page. A synonym can have more than one tag (although its behaviour is ill-defined at the moment: I haven’t done any specific handling of it yet; but you aren’t prevented from using a synonym for two tags); but if a synonym is already a tag, then sorry kiddo, it can’t be a synonym as well.

Example: If I have a… “photography” tag, and assign “photo” and “photograph” as synonyms; if I go to http://www.neato.co.nz/tags/photo, then the same posts display as if I was to go to http://www.neato.co.nz/tags/photography. Further, if I go to http://www.neato.co.nz/tags/photo+monkey, then I’ll see posts tagged with both photography and monkey (unless monkey is also a synonym, in which case I’ll see posts tagged with photography and whatever the underlying tag for monkey is).

This is just phase one of synonyms, which basically allows defining synonyms (via the Manage Tags page), and using the synonyms for pages that are requested. Phase two, will see more ways of including synonyms on pages..

The start page is here | Download here

* People who know more PHP than me: is there a way of getting $_GET values which still have the + signs and %20’s intact? I can see a way of wrangling it out of the query string; but I’d really rather avoid doing that since there are lots of ways for it to go wrong

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