12 thoughts on “2.0.1 alpha

  1. This plugin is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for making it. Two things:

    1. It definitely does not work on 1.5. I’ve since upgraded and it seems to work fine now.

    2. I’d like to be able to deal with tags with spaces in them using “-” instead of “_”. Is this possible?

    Thanks again.

  2. Sorry, I rooted around and figured out how to change “_” to “-“. Now I’d like to get links to tags to display as I enter them, but I want the actual href to be all lowercase.

  3. Hi Tim,

    Making tags lowercase in the urls makes sense to me; so I’ll probably wedge that into version 2.0.2

    (Actually, allowing either _ or – as the seperator seems pretty reasonable too.)

    I should probably figure out the problem that the plugin has with 1.5; but since some of the later versions of wordpress fix security issues and whatnot, one more thing to encourage upgrading is probably a good thing (;

  4. Excellent. I suppose I’ll wait for 2.0.2 for the lowercase urls. I won’t press my luck by hacking around any further, as I really don’t have much idea what I’m doing.

    Thanks again.

  5. Tim,

    Fair enough (: I imagine that it’ll emerge later today (my time, at least.. Timezones… NZ… weird… (; )



  6. Great job.

    I just wanted to remind you that after a rename to an existing tag it still duplicates the tag.

    So if I renamed Movie to Movies and there was already Movies then I would have two Movies and not just one.

  7. Dan,

    Yeah.. I know about that one. I’m still running a little low on thinking at the moment; and it’s a slightly more interesting problem than I would have expected (which tag to keep? dealing with things tagged with both.. yadda, yadda…)

  8. I think I found a small bug in ultimate_tag_cloud() — the links to tags are generated with an absolute URL of the form /tag/whatever. This assumes that a blog is always located at http://sometimes.tld/

    The correct way is to do something like:
    $url = get_settings(‘siteurl’);
    echo “<a>”

    Good work, look forward to more stuff :)</a>

  9. Yeah.. having tags located anywhere but the default place is something that I need to look into.

    (I should probably allow specifying the base location; and use that for the .htaccess stuff as well as the url stuff.)

    Thanks for the reminder (:

  10. Another bug in ultimate_show_post_tags() — the parameter $baseurl is never used. Again, the generated tags start with “/tag” and since baseurl is not doing what it should be, I can’t get the tags to come with a url like “/blog/tag”

  11. Ah yes. You’re right… I buggered up the “new and improved” version, so that it always links to where it thinks the local tag page is.

    if you use…

    $utw->ShowTagsForPost($post->ID, “<li><a href=”/blog/%tag%”>%tag_display%</a></li>”);

    (Man that sucks.. Oh! and should be all on one line)

    That ought to display the tags as a list (unless I’ve made syntax errors… d: )

    (Or you can wait for the next version where I’ll fix this bug (: )

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