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I’ve got most of UTW2 written; however, since it’s UTW2 and not UTW1-and-a-little-bit; I’ve still got a bunch of auxillary stuff to do like documenting the changes which have taken place, and rounding off some of the rough edges.

(Brief overview: there is now a “Core” class which does core tagging stuff; and an “Actions” class, which performs most of the WP action hook behaviour. The main plugin code behaves in the same way, but uses the classes.
I’ve also written a magical thing for formatting! It’s.. scary. Basically, a format is an array of formatting strings, which are used to display lists of tags. A formatting string looks kinda like “<li>%taglink% – %tagcount%</li>” That particular formatting string displays a link to the tag page with the number of occurances (not always applicable), wrapped in li tags. A format, is either a single formatting string; or an array of named formatting strings. More on that tomorrow! I’m getting sleepy (: )

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  1. if you want me to test it before you release it please email me. I can’t wait.

    Does it have lazy tagging already?

    My friend made a plugin that uses sthe cats for tagging with lazy tagging and it searches the post for key words so it tags automatically. Pretty cool but I am loyal to this great plugin.

  2. Lazy tagging… not yet (: But since you’ve said such nice things about my plugin, I’ll put it together this evening (It should be pretty straightforward… I think… (: In theory, I can use the formatting stuff to generate the html/javascript, so it should be a oneish-liner).

    Searching for keywords is an interesting thing. I’m not such a big fan of auto-tagging without intervention; but if I knew more about AJAX, it’d be pretty cool to have a recommended tags thing that looks for words that are tags as you type.

    Something that I had thought about, but dismissed as being too intensive, was parsing posts and turning words that corresponded into tags into tag links. Another thing with content I’d pondered was looking for things in <tag> tags and turning those into tag links (and adding them to the set of tags for the page).

    I think I might leave hyper-magic tagging until I’ve got UTW2 stable (;

  3. Dan,

    You’ve got your steenking lazy tagging now (;

    (Not so much with the category thing, or the guessing thing.)

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