Ultimate Tag Warrior 0.2

Ultimate Tag Warrior 0.2 has been unleashed!

– I’ve added a tag cloud function.
– There’s an administration backend that allows editing the name of tags, and removing tags.
– I’ve fixed a couple of bugs, too (;

There are four functions worth thinking about (the rest is “don’t mind the man behind the curtain” stuff)

ultimate_show_post_tags($separator=” ”, $baseurl=’http://www.technorati.com/tag/’, $notagmessage = “No Tags”)
Display a list of tags associated with the current post.
$seperator is the string that seperates tags. It only appears between tags, and not at the beginning or end of the list.
$baseurl is the base URL to link the text of a tag to. The tag link takes the form {baseurl}{tagname}. The default points to Technorati. The value “/tag/” would link to the local tag page.
$notagmessage is the text to display when a post has no tags.
Display a list of the most popular tags. The tags are wrapped in li html tags, and the number of matching posts is also displayed.
$limit is the maximum number of tags to display.
ultimate_tag_archive($limit = 20, $postlimit=20)
The tag version of this plugin
ultimate_tag_cloud($order=’tag’, $direction=’asc’)
A tag cloud viewer that lists the tags using the order and direction. $order can be either “tag” or “count”, $direction can be “asc” or “desc”. The list of tags is just displayed with spaces in-between, linking through to the tag page. CSS classes .taglevel1 -> .taglevel7 control the look of tags based on popularity.

Plugin Administration
Click on “Manage”, then “Tags”. This will display a list of all available tags. Clicking on the “Rename Tag” link will allow renaming the tag. Clicking on the “Delete Tag” link will allow deleting a tag (and the associations to posts).
You can rename a tag to be the same as another one if you really want to – the tag cloud and tag archive will merge the tags, as if by magic; but if a post is tagged with both versions, it will seem to be tagged twice with the same tag. Adding a thing to merge tags properly is on my todo list.


This file contains the full(ish) documentation (I, uh.. may have neglected to document the admin side), the plugin file, an installation script, and a basic tag.php template.

It’s Broken!
(I hope not.)

If it is, send me an email… christine at neato dot co dot nz.