Little Happy Cats

Here are two very small cats, purring away.


(It’s about 1 MB in size, which will take a while to download over dialup)

A Kitten Update

Blink, who you probably remember from yesterday is A-OK. His littermate is also going to be fine.

She had a lot of raw looking skin between her gums and chin on her lower jaw; but it turns out that she injured herself, rather than it being symptoms of illness. The vet was able to pull her back together again, and now she’s looking adorable instead of scary. She’s been sutured together for now; so hopefully she’ll heal up nicely. She’s been named Gaz.


This is Blink.

He, and his litter mate sorta-kinda found us today. They’re strays that were living in the carpark at Queens Wharf.

Cyrus and myself had been wandering into town, and stopped off behind shed 7 to see if any of the strays were hanging around; and bumped into a couple of people who look out for the strays. She asked if we’d like a kitten to look after, and after a brief hesitation; we found ourselves with two little black cats.

We’re keeping them away from Little Missy until they’ve been cleared by the vet; and with any luck, everyone will get along fine. (Blink seems to be in pretty good condition all things considered; but his littermate has badness happening to his lower lip. Will have to see if it’s something that can be cleared up with a course of steroids/antibiotics.)

Well Then.

All birthday celebrations have been officially cancelled; since one of the cats (Pixel. The blue guy.) had an argument with a car, and lost.

And so our curse of cat ownership continues. Last year saw Cyrus’s cat Loki die; the year before, our first joint kitten Samael.