This is Blink.

He, and his litter mate sorta-kinda found us today. They’re strays that were living in the carpark at Queens Wharf.

Cyrus and myself had been wandering into town, and stopped off behind shed 7 to see if any of the strays were hanging around; and bumped into a couple of people who look out for the strays. She asked if we’d like a kitten to look after, and after a brief hesitation; we found ourselves with two little black cats.

We’re keeping them away from Little Missy until they’ve been cleared by the vet; and with any luck, everyone will get along fine. (Blink seems to be in pretty good condition all things considered; but his littermate has badness happening to his lower lip. Will have to see if it’s something that can be cleared up with a course of steroids/antibiotics.)