Zee Cats Are Ridiculous

This morning, bright and early at seven; the cats were running around. Making a lot of noise. Crashing into things. Needless to say, this woke us up. A short time later, we were drifting back off to sleep; when a certain little cat started growling really loudly at the end of our bed.

This isn’t that strange in, and of itself. This particular little spotted cat will often growl loudly when she has to share her toys with her cat-brother.

When the growling kept going; we got up and had a look.

There wasn’t a toy and there wasn’t a cat brother.

She was growling at a bird.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the cats are stuck inside, so don’t have access to outdoors. This means that the bird must have either flown in through a window. Or fallen through the manhole up into our ceiling space. Either way; the bird made a critical error.

Our looking disturbed the pair of them; and off the bird flew, and off the cat went to follow.

The bird, ended up hiding behind a suitcase; out of the cats reach. That wasn’t going to stop her, however. There was much scratching as she tried to reach the bird.

It would seem, however, that she gave up in disgust and left the bird alone – for when we clambered out of bed at about ten, ready to pick up little bits of bird and feathers; the bird was still hiding behind the suitcase being extremely quiet.

A short while later; the bird made a bid for freedom, and discovered glass. We came to its rescue, though; and the bird was last seen flying off into the distance.

Silly cats. Surely they must have realised that there were meaty treats inside the little feather package; and I’m not too sure what little miss was trying to achieve by growling at the bird. I’m sure she has her reasons.