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Searching using tags has been on my list of things to do for a while now. I’ve been playing with some things; and I’ve put together an experimental grade search via tags. It lives here.

It works well with small tag sets (collections of, say, 100 tags or less); but starts getting a bit unwieldy with larger sets (like.. err.. mine (: I have about 350 tags on my posts).

Basically; you click on the names of tags, and a list of posts that match any of the tags is retrieved. If you click on the name of a tag a second time, then it’s removed from the list of tags and the results are updated. It uses fandangled AJAX stuff so it feels shinier than the ye olde way of doing things.

Anywho, let me know how useful you think this is on the scale of “Meh” being Meh to “OMGZ I want one” being not-Meh. Eleven is.. uh.. better than cheese.

(There’s a download, and a caveat or two here:

10 thoughts on “Finding Posts via Tags

  1. Also, a few other suggestions:

    * When selecting more than one tag, does it narrow the search or widen it? I would prefer narrowing.
    * Tag clusters coming soon? 🙂 — I’d love to be able to click a tag, and have the posts show up as well as a list of all the other tags used on the posts where my selected tag is. Then I could click one of those and narrow my search.
    * This is hardcore: A slider which could be used to determine where the cutoff point is for tags shown in the cloud. So if you want to see all tags, you drag it all the way to the left. And then as you drag it towards the right, less and less tags are shown, depending on how many posts each of them have.

    Am I demanding enough yet? 😉

  2. At the moment, it widens the search… I just need to think of a nifty-interface way to change between narrowing and widening (The behind the scenes stuff is a reasonably straightforward change).

    Something else I was thinking of, was to highlight the tags which are related to the selected tags; which might just be an interesting step towards clusters (If you have one tag selected, the related tags would be emphasized by a factor of one. If there were two tags selected, tags related to both would be emphasized by a factor of two, and so on… as you clicked tags; patterns might emerge. At least, that’s the theory)..

    The slider thing sounds nifty. I’m not sure if my kung-fu is strong enough (;

    You’re not as demanding as you could be (: Not that that is a request (;

  3. Hi,

    i implemented your plugin on my website and it works great !! Thx a lot for it.

    Can you release the code for the search feature cause without it i can’t really take an advantage of my tag system.

    Thx in advance,

  4. I don’t have a convenient copy of it (I’m at work at the moment); but when I get home, I’ll see what I can wrangle (:

    (It needs the latest version of UTW (2.8.8); and aside from that, there’s just a file to add to your theme)

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