This was my first time cooking Tuna! And subsequently, I seem to have overcooked it; so instead of a nice rare interior, it was… not.

Anywho, put two tuna steaks, in the hottest pan you can muster; and cook for about a minute on each side.

We had rice and spinach to accompany. Aside from the not-rare-enoughness of the tuna, all was good.

2 thoughts on “Tuna

  1. in a deep, flat bottomed pan,
    try to slowly cook the tuna in dry white wine,
    mushrooms (either very small ones, or sliced)
    roughly cut mint leaves,
    ground black pepper (or allspice) and cream.

    also works great with salmon. I actually prefer it with slamon, because I can just eat tuna raw.

  2. Tuna? Raw? That’s crazy talk!

    (Okay, okay; it’s a widely accepted way of eating tuna)

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