Tag Managing Thing

Tag Managing Thing allows you to edit your tags.

To Download
http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/tag-managing-thing.zip has the latest version.

To Install
Drop the plugin file into your wordpress plugins folder.
Enable the plugin

To Use
In the Manage section of wp-admin, there is a Tags menu item. Selecting it will take you to the Tag Managing Thing interface.

It allows selecting the taxonomy to work with. Currently in wordpress there is a category and a post_tag taxonomy. Selecting a taxonomy allows editing the terms within that taxonomy.

Once a term has been selected you can perform the following tasks

  • Change the name and slug of the term
  • Delete a term
  • Split a term into multiple terms
  • Merge other terms into the selected term
  • Change a term to belong in a different taxonomy

104 thoughts on “Tag Managing Thing

  1. well hello christine, a seemingly bug here in the Tag Managing Thing.

    if you want to edit the first tag, you have to select another tag, then select the first tag again.

    fix it plz, would you? :p

  2. hmm, you somehow forgot to define a function perhaps?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_taxonomy() in /home/jbl/homepage/wp-content/plugins/tag-managing-thing/TagManagingThing.php on line 13

  3. As I’ve been updating tags, the split option fails for me. As I understand from the read me, if you select a tag and then repeat that tag as well as the others that tag should split to, it will re-add the selected tag as part of the split. Any tag that it is a duplicate gets removed entirely from the database. If I already had the tag music and were to split “musicvideo” into “music, video, musicvideo”, both musicvideo and music get deleted. Am I misunderstanding the split function?

  4. Kudos Christine. Managing tags… one cannot but wonder why this has not been included in WP. The need of managing ones tags should be obvious to just about anyone, no?

    Well at least we have this thing here now!
    Are you planning on expanding it, so it hooks into the “write” page too (as does UTW)?

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hello! I find that the Tag Managing Thing Plugin doesn’t support IE7 very well!
    It can’t work well in IE7!
    Could you solve this porblem?

  6. Hi Christine, seems that the AJAX-adding-tag feature is not yet exist anymore in 2.3
    That means I have to add the tags for each post logged into wp-admin.
    That is really too complicated if I want to add tags to many posts.

  7. Hi, I’ve been using Tag Managing Thing for a few weeks now. I just upgraded to version 1.0, and now every time I try to make a change, I get the message, “An invalid term ID was passed in.” Looking at the PHP code, I see it’s trying to pull the edittag field from the query string. Only one problem: there is no edittag field. Looking at the HTML, it turns out the edittag select box is actually in a different form than the rest of the controls, so of course it’s not getting submitted with the others.

    I modified my copy to put everything in one form, starting before the tmtLeftPanel DIV and ending right before the BR clear=”all”, and it seems to be working now. I was able to merge a pair of tags successfully.

    On a less critical note, the admin page breaks XHTML validation. Since WordPress tries to produce valid XHTML, it would be nice if the admin page would properly escape ampersands and close empty tags like INPUT.

  8. First off let them thank you for this excellent plugin. I didn’t realize what a pain managing Tags was until WP 2.3 came out, and I suddenly had a new problem I didn’t before (I also suddenly realized how cool merging tags was in about 10mins of tagging).

    I just upgraded to the latest build of Tag Managing and noticed that now when I try and merge tags (“digital-photography” with “digital-camera”) I’m getting a pink error dialog box after the operation fails saying: “An invalid term ID was passed in.”

    Don’t know if this was a hickup with the release or I did something wrong (which is entirely possible… and more likely 😉

  9. Wonderful plugin, much needed… As a request, would it be possible instead of only “Switch Term Taxonomy” to have a Duplicate Term Taxonomy so that already used categories could easily be duplicated and assigned as tags? The built in converter destroys the category structure.

  10. I was wondering about the “uses” label on the list of tags? I have many that say “0 uses”, even though they have been used as tags. Where is the plugin drawing it’s info from when deciding if a tag has been used?

  11. I’ve encountered a “bug” when using this plug-in with a WordPress install using a foreign language file.

    When the “Save” button text is translated into a different language under EDIT TERM section, the translated “Save” text is being passed on as a variable and the plug-in doesn’t save the new term name and slug. There is no errors generated, it just doesn’t save. This could also pose a problem with other buttons related to this plug-in, however I haven’t tested it.

    The simple fix is to delete the PHP code generating the translated text and hard code the button value to value=”Save”.

    Love the plug-in, keep up the good work.

  12. Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_taxonomy() in /home/jbl/homepage/wp-content/plugins/tag-managing-thing/TagManagingThing.php on line 13

  13. I installed the plugin, activated it and:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_taxonomy() in /home/easyaffi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/TagManagingThing.php on line 13

    Any suggestions?


  14. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the new cleanup feature.
    Could you also add another feature which cleans up tags with no name too?
    I have a lot of tags which have no name, and only a numbered slug.

  15. Thank you for adding the “delete unused tags” feature – I have been searching high and low for a while for a solution that would do this as easily as Tag Managing Thing does.

    Thank you again.

  16. It works nicely, I love how I can add tags on the main page without editing the post.

    Only problem I am having is that blank tags or something keep showing up, just commas with no words. How can I stop this from happening?

  17. I have a problem with a brand new install of 2.3.3

    When I try to enable the plug-in it gives me a ‘fatal error’ and disables it automatically.

    I downloaded the plug-in again and uploaded the new one in case it was corrupted in the transfer.

    Thanks for any help.

  18. Thanks so much, you ended a 30 minute long headache. I am glad I hadn’t updated my wordpress yet.

  19. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array TagManagingThing.php when trying to merge a category to a tag when the tag already exists. Causes the tag to be erased.

  20. Thank you SO MUCH for this plugin — After accidentally using the new Category to Tag Converter, I realised there was no Tag to Category Converter to switch them back. After scouring the wp plugins database, your plugin was EXACTLY what I needed and was looking for. I really appreciate it, thanks again =)

  21. i had issues with with select boxes only being big enough to see one option. this is due to the select attribute inheriting wp’s height: 2em.

    fix by ensuring all selects have thier own id=”whatever” and style=”height: auto”

    cheers ta

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  23. Thanks for this plugin.. An auto-tagging plugin I tried went pear-shaped and started creating hundreds of tags – it was just over 5500 when I last looked. This plugin delete the unused tags for me! Thanks so much. WP 2.8.4

  24. Just installad this on 2.8.6 and it appears to work ok. Only the anoying bug of the tag form field showing a select error whenever it comes in focus. No big deal… Many thanks Christine for providing this usful plugin.

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