Embedded Tag Thing

Embedded Tag Thing allows you to put tags inside your content, wrapped in [tag][/tag] markup; and also allows you to add tags in the content body by including a comma separated list of tags within [tags][/tags] markup.

To Download
/plugins/EmbeddedTagThing.zip has the latest version.

To Install
Drop the plugin file into your wordpress plugins folder.
Enable the plugin.

To Use

– Single Tags
To display a word in a post as a tag, wrap it in [tag][/tag] markup (with square brackets!). When you save the post, it will be added as a tag; and when you view the post, the word will show as a link to the corresponding tag page.

So if your [tag]post[/tag] contained this sentence; the word post would show as a tag link the first time, but not the second.

– Multiple Tags
It is also possible to add a list of tags inside a post that get added as tags, but don’t display in the same manner as single tags.

[tags]monkey, banana, disco[/tags] in a post would add the three tags, monkey, banana and disco to the post; but not show up as tag links when you view the post.

42 thoughts on “Embedded Tag Thing

  1. I’ve found a problem with your Embedded Tag Thingie, in WP 2.3. If I have it enabled, and I edit a post with tags, when I save the post, an extra comma is added to the beginning of my list (like an empty tag). I have verified that this is easy to reproduce. I think it has to do with the fact that the WP interface automatically adds a space (with the comma) between the tags, when you edit a post.

    Let me know if you would like to see this in action.

  2. Just upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3 and have relied on UTW in the past for the linking of tags within the post body to provide a kind of wiki. So if cary grant is mentioned in my post, you click the embedded cary grant link within that post to see all other posts linked with the sam actor.

    The Embedded Tag Thing is just what i require to put the functionality back in my website but i’ve hit two problems. Both huge show stoppers.

    The first is the plugin uses an enormous amount of queries when enabled (1 querie per embedded tag) and two if you have a space in your tag it will not display.

    So to address one. If i have 15 tags embedded within my post to link to other terms that will generate 15 extra queries within the post. Some of my pages thus have reached over 75 queries 😦

    The second works like this. If you place [tag]foo[/tag] it will function as it should. However if you place [tag]foo bar[/tag] then it will not display at all and even removes foo bar from the post body.

    Any ideas or potential fixes ?

  3. Your plugins are great, thank you so much.

    Maybe this is a silly question, but here goes: do you know how I might add a “tag” button to my wordpress editor (tinyMCE, right?) that would let me highlight the text in my post that I wanted to TAG, and it would automatically insert the tagging coding before and after that text? A plugin is of course best, a hack would be fine too. I’ve looked at http://www.deliciousdays.com/tinymcebuttons/ but I don’t think this is quite it.

    Thanks for any advice, and again — great plugins! I really appreciate it.

  4. Re: Misty’s comment above: I am seeing the same “extra comma added” (or blank tag, if you will) behavior as well. I’m creating/editing my posts with ecto, and did the following to verify that the problem is coming from Embedded Tag Thing:
    – created a post in Ecto and observed the console in that application, which shows the whole data stream of the transaction. Ecto submitted the post with mt_keywords containing a single tag. Ecto then immediately asked for the post back. On the return trip, mt_keywords was “,myTag” (note the leading comma). The same behavior is observed with multiple tags (I.E.: a leading comma is added)
    – I then disabled Embedded Tag Thing, and repeated the test: the post was added without the leading comma.

    Interesting further observation- I’m a bit of an idiot for having Embedded Tag Thing enabled. I was using it when I was posting with WLW, but since Ecto can pass the tags within mt_keywords instead of as embedded text, this is no longer necessary. It is intriguing to note, however, that even though the body of my post does not have any embedded [tags]…[/tags], enabling/disabling Embedded Tag Thing adds/removes the leading comma.

  5. When I try to post…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_set_object_terms() in /home/thelawof/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/EmbeddedTagThing.php on line 39

  6. Yes, Jason’s patch is most helpful in getting rid of the obnoxious empty tags! Thanks Christine and Jason!

    Now if only the WP folks would make WP delete tags and categories with 0 uses, or make that an option…

  7. I just did an update. So if you’re still running beta 1, you should upgrade to beta 2.

    Let me know if it eats your children or anything of that nature.

    (For bonus points, my plugin, Tag Managing Thing now has a button for removing all of the terms with 0 uses from a taxonomy..)

  8. Hi Christine,

    I installed UTW 1.3 legacy and the pi/bugfix 1 on WordPress version 2.2.2. I also have TagalizeIt (0.10 rc2) installed. I am not sure if UTW is working.

    When I tried to add a new post at post.php, I see “Tag Suggestions (Courtesy of Yahoo). Is this a part of UTW? Please help.

    benc007 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  9. I still need Jason’s patch with beta2, otherwise I get the leading comma problem. I like the new features of the tag managing thing though. Excellent plugins all!

  10. Hi Christine,

    I am looking for a plugin like this but ‘Embedded Tag Thing’ doesn’t seem to work with pages just posts. I know its normal to work on posts but I need to generate a tag cloud for my static pages. Not too sure how but I would like anchor links from the tag cloud to the relevant content on the page. Any ideas?

  11. Hi Christine, I love your stuff. I’m hoping flattery will get me somewhere, I need some help. I’m using this plugin to add tags to posts I make to my WP blog through Flickr. The Flickr thing doesn’t send tags or categories for that matter through the xml-rpc deal, just title and post content. I was hoping to take this plugin and substitute “cat” for “tag” to embed categories using the same method. Can’t make it go. What else needs to be changed?

    Thank you so much!

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