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  1. One thing I’ve been worried about is the “Add tags as meta keywords” function. Is it still useful or say, is it “duplicated”, since there’s a ‘rel=”tag”‘ within tag links?

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  3. I use ‘Tag Managing Thing’ and it works very nice 🙂

    I have a suggestion, how about insert blank line on tag selection box? When I try to edit first tag, I must select something else first 😐

    And, do you have a plan for ‘Tag Display Thing’? I’ve made a plugin for display tags refer to UTW and wordpress 2.3 core functions, but it would be very nice if there’s a ‘Thing’.

    youngmin from korea.

  4. Hello,

    what about the Technoraty tag linking option, will that be available anymore? That was what i used from this plugin 😉

  5. Probably the biggest things i liked from UTW, are the weighted tag cloud (alphabetical and by posts) UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical(“coloredsizedtagcloud”,””,0) and UTW_ShowWeightedTagSet(“coloredsizedtagcloud”,””,30), and the dropdown or full listing of all tags from within the post page – those are really the two major features that helped with tagging and not creating new tags accidentally when i’m feeling plural or not for example, then UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“commalist”) for my footer in each post.

    If that post listing maybe even replace the plain (new) tags text box, and the theme tags — at least some of the most popular types can be WordPress Things, then i’m sure alot of people would be set or at least myself. Even better if rolled up into one plugin ultimately – it would be like UTW Lite!

  6. Thanks for UTW, it was a great plugin. I’m also using these three plugins on my site already. Is it too much to ask for a plugin that will let us migrate the UTW tags over to the new WP?

  7. I totally second what Chris N. said above (8) about the coloured/weighted feature. It’s the main reason that keeps me from updating to WP 2.3. The presentation of the tags in WP 2.3 sucks. Well, it’s not as cool and easy to implement as in UTW, anyway. 🙂

  8. Hi Chris!

    When I switch of UTW, I cant use WP tagging. I have error:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘WHERE tag = ‘name of tag” at line 1]
    SELECT tag_pagetitle FROM WHERE tag = ‘name of tag’

    What Im doing wrong?

  9. Hi Christine from the Internet,

    I was about to install tag warrior on my site but decided to upgrade WP to 2.3 first, thinking native tag support is probably a good thing. However, the tag cloud in 2.3 is not that robust and I’d love to have the functionality to display related tags as a tag cloud so that users can filter by selecting multiple tags. I think tag warrior has this? Do you have any plans to upgrade tag warrior to support 2.3, or maybe release a wordpress thing that would allow multi-tag filtering?


    – dean

  10. Help
    tags that are put in give me this when i click them

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: utw_showcurrenttagset() in /home/world/public_html/wp-content/themes/vistered-little/header.php on line 6

  11. I also posted this on WordPress support: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/148453?replies=1

    “…Each time I edit a post a blank(unnamed)tag is added that nonetheless contains a number in the “slug”- I am up to almost 2,000 altho I only have a hundred or so “named” tags. They are like Tribbles ;-)…”

    Is this a WordPress glitch? Is this a “Thing” glitch? Any suggestions for cleaning up all those blank tags?

    Thanks for any help / insights 🙂


  12. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare utw_showtagsforcurrentpost() in /blog/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/UTWRenderThing.php on line 17

    What could be the solution opf this….

  13. Ok, im here. Where is the download link for UTW? The text on the previous page said , “for wordpress 2.3 plugins go here” but there is nothing here.


  14. Ken,

    There are four links there, to my tagging plugins for WordPress 2.3..

    (However, as the UTW page says (I’m guessing you came from there?), there isn’t UTW as such for WordPress 2.3)

    Hope this helps you find what you were looking for!


  15. I’m looking for a plug in (a code snip to c/p) that would do the following:

    In a page take the pagetitle and list the last x posts tagged with that same word and a link to the /tag/… page.

    Does anyone know if this exists or would that be something that could qualify as a future “Tag Thing”?

  16. No it is not compatible with WP 2.5 Better not upgrade. I now am working with WP 2.6. WP had its own tagging system, but it is so poor compared to the UTW. WP should have hired Christine, she’s great.

  17. I totally second what Chris N. said above (8) about the coloured/weighted feature. It’s the main reason that keeps me from updating to WP 2.3. The presentation of the tags in WP 2.3 sucks. Well, it’s not as cool and easy to implement as in UTW, anyway. 🙂

  18. I was using ultimate tag warrior plugin in my older blogs and in wordpress mu also. It works like a charm. Why it is not supporting wordpress +2.3 versions?

    If the support of UTW plugin is extended to latest version of wordpress, it would be helpful.

    Because older versions of wordpress have xmlrpc vulnerability issues. So it is advised to update to latest version. Or we need to delete the xmlrpc.php from the installation for security. If we do like this we cannot post from desktop clients.

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