Adventures into the Land of Quartz

When I was in Melbourne, I ended up hanging out with the lovely dpwolf. Some of the stuff he knows about things I don’t, leaked out. And now I know enough to be dangerous. Muahaha.

One of the things that leaked out, was the existence of Quartz Composer. Which I have been abusing at length trying to get it to jump through the hoops I want using some experimental MIDI interfaces that the infinitely patient Chris Wright of Kineme cobbled together (for me? Maybe <:). There comes a point where you put toy which is making the bad words come out down, and pick up different toys instead.

So I’ve been playing with rendering stuff! Without MIDI (: These are two closely related animations. On the left is Jelly; ’cause there’s a little patch where it looks like jellyfish tentacles, sortof, and I’m fond of jellyfish (but I wouldn’t want to give one a hug). On the right is Points. Because it’s pointy <:

I have no idea if they will display properly (or at all..) if you’re not using a mac. Sorry (: They might also go verrryslooooowly if you’re using much less than a core 2 duo processor. On the other hand, if you have all the grunt in the world; clicking on the movies will take you to a 720p version.