Webstock: Day 1

I’m at Webstock today and tomorrow. Although more was at Webstock, since it is now evening.

There have been great goodies!

Robot (The lovely folks at Verb were giving out robots.)

Badge of Awesome (The lovely folks as DNA were giving out badges.)

There have also been great talks!

I particularly enjoyed a talk by Peter Morville on ambient findability, since it kind-of rubs up against some of the stuff that I’ve been playing with as far as visualising tags goes (I’ve been playing with using a combination of categories and tags for search, and also using something resembling a cross-referenced book index to try and better express a collection of tags than a tag cloud manages to do. I should really make another post on that…)

Cal Henderson also did a great talk relating to the kinds of tools to use for building software which will no doubt produce a flurry of activity next week.

And Kelly Goto did a fantastic talk on the nature of being stuck or unstuck.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring!The schedule knows, I’m sure.