My First Acrobatics Lesson

I had my first acrobatics lesson this evening!

It was much more frustrating than the first aerials class. (How did I get to be 26 without knowing how to do a handstand?)

Tonight, we did pretty much all adagio work…

…Imagine, if you will, someone lying on their back. Their arms straight up in the air, and their knees bent at close to right angles. Then, imagine another person, the person you are imagining is me. My hands are on the other persons’ knees, my shoulders are in their hands, and the rest of me is doing a handstand (with ample spotters ready to catch me (: ). Moh. Unpossible!

…Consider the possibility, of being balanced at the waist, arms outstretched (although I was kinda wobbly). Unpossible!

…And this other balancing thing, where one person bends at the knees, the other person stands on their thighs, and they both lean back and no-one falls over (much) (I didn’t!).

…And a thing where you link one arm with a person, roll across their back, and then catch their other arm on the other side (Not as unpossible as the first two (: )

And that was my first acrobatics lesson!