Aerials Class

I survived the second aerials class!

I’m not as sore as I was last time, which is a definite bonus (:

This time, we did foot locks on the tissu (You end up with one foot bound up; which allows you to use your arms and the other leg to do things).

Once we had the foot lock under control; we did a balancing thing with it. The tissu is made up of two bits of cloth. We did a foot knot with our right foot with both pieces. Next, we split the two apart, and twisted around so that our back was leaning on one piece, and we were facing the other. The piece we were facing, we spread out into a sheet. Our left foot went in the middle of it, as high up as we could manage. Next, the other piece of tissu (still bunched up, being leaned on) went over our right shoulder; and then we leaned back, aspiring for a straight line down our left leg and continuing down our torso. Next, we abandoned all reason, and stretched our arms outwards to the side. And that was the balancing thing we did. (This is Katherine doing one a while back… I guess it’s easier to look at a picture than it is to visualise from the description (: )

On the trapeeze, the new thing we did today was wrapping our calves around the ropes of the trapeeze, putting our feet on the bar, and hanging upside-down