Partly Snowy

It has been snowing a little bit. This is the snow which has accumulated on my balcony

I can has snow

I’d go play in it, except the doors have frozen shut.

And this is how it was looking from where I work a little earlier.

Plateau Mont-Royal, 9-Dec-08

So yes. Today I walked to work in the snow. But at least I have shoes and it wasn’t uphill both ways.

Happy Six Month Anniversary To Me!

It’s a little strange to realise that I have been in Canada for six months so far. It seems both longer and shorter than that.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have gone through the photos I took while I was ostensibly on holiday and being a tourist (along with my recent re-trip to Toronto), and uploaded a collection of photos.

So, there’s…




Between Places (Including the train from Edmonton to Vancouver)

Return to Toronto

Aargh. Getting Internet is Being an Ordeal

Oh. My. Gosh.

I’m trying to organize getting a cable modem installed. The only good thing I can say about it is that it looks like they can do it in a timeslot where I am not at work.

However, I damn near had to argue with the “customer service rep” to get what I wanted – There is fast internet, with a sane cap (what I wanted), but they were absolutley adament that I get half-as-fast (and slightly cheaper) internet with a crazy-huge-large data cap that I would never get through.

Then, they wouldn’t let me get it as a non-1-year thing; contrary to what their website says.

And my favourite part was when she had me try and spell “M”.

I am so close to cancelling (zomg. If I could talk to a human to do that), and choosing someone else.