Canada has terrible airport codes that, for the most part, bear no resemblance to the name of the city. YUL? Really?

In any case, I am embarking on an epic voyage in February.

I leave Montréal February 14th, get to Wellington on the 16th (thanks international date line!), spend the 18th and 19th at Webstock, then leave Wellington on the 24th, arriving back in Montréal on.. the 24th. Travel gets weird when you go far.

I imagine there will be some kind of eventfulness and insobriety on the 20th, being that I am not often in New Zealand, and exactly no other reason.

2 thoughts on “YUL-YVR-AKL-WLG-AKL-YVR-YUL

  1. Hey Christine : )

    Glad to know that you’re still in Montreal (or something like that). I was looking for something in my business cards pile and I stumbled upon yours while doing so. Since I finally recently jumped on the WordPress bandwagon, I’ve added your site to my blogroll in the PHP Quebec family : )

    Looking forward to seeing you again.



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