Look out for broken things!

I’ve just upgraded wordpress again, and dropped in a new theme (isn’t it fetching?). Do let me know if there are things which are broken.

(Oh yeah… I’m running a new version of UTW as well. A happy consequence of which is my new tag search page. Isn’t it sassy? I haven’t finishedstarted the documentation changes for it; and there are still a few stray little features that I want to get finished before releasing; but it’s looking like some time in the next couple of days.)

3 thoughts on “Look out for broken things!

  1. Nice look. It’s very… neato. (sorry I know that’s too punny but I couldn’t help myself)

    The link to the tag search page 404s by the way.

    I have to say, I was here yesterday getting UTW and when I came back just now I thought I’d hit the wrong link. This really is a great improvement over the previous look.

  2. It’s a lot more web 2.0….I had to draw the line at curved corners (;

    The last theme was one which I was only ever happyish with – there were lots of things that I was intended to do with it that I didn’t get to. But that’s the way these things go, sometimes.

    (The tag search page seems to be okay, now; but for the first little while after I switched themes, that page wasn’t quite there yet)

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