Chip, Chip, Chipping Away

Sometimes my mailbox fills up with an unmanagable amount of stuff.

(Usually, I archive mail as I deal with it)

Turns out that I have mail going back as far as August (!)

If you have issues that you’ve either emailled me about, or commented on my blog about; let me know (: I’ve been emailling here and there; and hope to get through it all in the next few days or week or thereabouts, but I still manage to forget about things sometimes.

(In other news, I’ve added a page for themes and other bits and pieces that use UTW. If you have a thing that belongs there, let me know. I’ve got the things that I see in my referrer logs; but there are bound to be other things.)

One thought on “Chip, Chip, Chipping Away

  1. hey christine, hate to bother you, but this post was calling my name 😉

    i’m having issues creating the tag archive page. i followed your great documentation, and everything worked until i tried to view the page: nothing showed up. no header, no sidebar, no tag cloud. any ideas?

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