Tell me. What do you want?


The last little bits of documentation are going to destroy me! (I have the last little bits of custom formatting; and some table of contents’ing to do..)

Tell me… are there things that UTW needs?
(Aside from the various buglets and enhancements that you’ve told me about since the last release. My god, that’s a long time ago now..)

Speak now, or, well.. wait for another release!

(I’m thinking about making the next release 3.0, incidentally.. Won’t that be exciting!)

6 thoughts on “Tell me. What do you want?

  1. I was curious. If I make a ‘future’ post (a post that has, for example, tomorrow’s date and will only be visible tomorrow) and tag it with various tags, will they be added to the tag cloud? If yes, is there a way to only update the tag cloud once the actual post is up on the main page? And what if a post has been deleted? Do the tags in the cloud (and int he DB) stay intact? If yes, this needs to be fixed.

    regards 😉

  2. If you make a future post, its tags won’t show in the tag cloud until the the post is visible. If you delete the post, then the tags are deleted as well, so will disappear from the tag cloud.

    (Posts which are drafts or private don’t have their tags display in the tag cloud at all)

  3. This is probably more about my stupidity than a feature request. When you create a tag cloud, is there a way of specifying which template page generates the page that is linked to?
    I have a tag cloud on this page: All the tags link to a page that is generated by index.php, which is designed to have only one post on it. The ‘september’ and ‘october’ links link to a page that is generated archives.php which has lots of posts on it.

  4. I’m not 100% sure if I understand what you’re trying to do; but if you create a tag.php file in your theme folder, then that will be used to display the pages that those tags link to.

    (It may be the case that you’ve already figured this out… I clicked the tag page for writing and got a bunch o’ stuff.)

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