And now we are happy and fed (:

So I don’t forget; here’s a quick overview:

Glass of Bubbly (Quartz Reef Chauvet)

Zeroth Course – Amuse Bouche: Beef Tartar (raw beef) with a poppy wafer and relish

First Course: Citrus dressed scallops and prawns with tartare sauce + mesclun salad
Second Course: Seared tuna with endive, pear, popcorn shoots and honey+rosemay dressing paired with Odyssey Viogner

Third Course – Soup: Kumara (sweet potato) with smoked paprika

Fourth Course: Duck+Snail tartlet with ratatoullie jus and salad paired with Chateaux Des Ertes (something (: something red)
Fifth Course: Seared lamb with sweebreads, served with tomato couli and saffron infused cauliflower puree with Puriri Hills something (another red.. I think this one was 1/2 cabernet franc, 1/2 merlot; or perhaps this was the Chateaux Des Ertes… Argh. I’m sure I was paying better attention at the restaurant.)

Sixth Course – Cheese: Triple cream brie with HNNGGHH! we’ve forgotten. A couli of some description. Dark red, sweet and tart. I had a Spanish dessert red to accompany, Cyrus had Armagnac.

Seventh Course – Refresher: A white cranberry beverage infused with orange essense and thyme

Eighth Course: White chocolate panna cotta with espresso mascarpone, served along side macadamia butter parfait.
Ninth Course – Petit Fours: Valrhona bittersweet kiss (think hersheys kiss, but bittersweet rolled in cocoa), rice-bubble slice and ginger kiss.

Yeah. Nine courses. Yet just the right amount of food… I will endeavour to fill out more details tomorrow when I’m feeling less festive (: