The Great Plateau

Yeurgh! I keep sitting down to work on UTW, but I have a nasty case of programmers block (it’s always so much easier when there are paying clients.. with requirements.. and deadlines.. and the crushing obligation of earning ones salary..)

There are loose ends which I need to deal with:
– The help+documentation side of things
– Writing a hasTags() function for checking whether a post has assigned tags
– Look into alternate ways of calculating tag clouds
– The sorting of tags alphabetically (Err. *shrug* (: )
– Wrangling the superajax format / adding a seperate ajax-add-tags template tag / Change + into “view the intersection
– Heck! Have a convenient means for viewing tag intersections (:
– Allow spaces in tags, for real instead of a workaround

And there are secret plans grander things which seem like fun things to do, which I shouldn’t start until I get the loose ends tied.

So anyway… two things:

1. Are there any other loose ends / things that I’ve forgotten?
2. How are the keyword suggestions? (If you’re using them, that is..)

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