2.0.2 alpha

(We’ve been here before, I’m sure of it. This is a scary alpha version; if you haven’t installed Ultimate Tag Warrior before, you’re better off using 1.1.2)

This release fixes the bug where the base url wasn’t being used (but doesn’t go so far as to use a global base url… next release, perhaps!)

It also allows using either – or _ as the space marker in tags; and puts tags into lower case for urls (but retains the case for displaying the name of tags).

2.0.2 alpha

4 thoughts on “2.0.2 alpha

  1. I just installed, and my “-” and lowercase url pony requests are working excellently. You have restored my faith in humanity.

    Also, a base url global would be great, as I don’t keep my tags in /tags/, I use /tagsonomy/, and having a one time switch to set that up, rather than hunting around for all the instances, would be great.

    Again, thanks, and cheers.

  2. I’m going to note, quickly before you punch me in the face, that I just noticed the urls in tag clouds are still being created using uppercase characters.

  3. Now, I’d never punch you in the face. You’re much too far away.. (:

    (I probably did custom format stuff for that guy. Ah well. Next version!)

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