When the cat’s away, the mice do play?

My lovely and charming partner Cyrus is a notoriously fussy eater.

My lovely and charming partner Cyrus is also in Los Angeles at the moment.

In theory, that means I can make whatever I want for myself, without having to accomodate him. However, so far; he’d eat all of the things I’ve made.

(Unfortunately, since he is in Los Angeles, my camera is with him; and as such there aren’t going to be any food pictures to accompany the “recipes” for a while.)

Last night, was on the whole, pretty simple. I had boiled jersey bennes (organic, no less. They were on sale the last time we ran out of potatoes, so ended up costing the same as the non-organic potatoes); with panfried cervena and mushrooms.

Tonight, I had chicken stuffed with parma ham and camembert; with a sprinkling of sea salt and kelp pepper.

Kelp pepper, you might ask?

It seems to be dried kelp, which has been ground up into a coarse pepper-like form. It’s a little bit salty, and a little bit sea-weedy. I gather it’s also full of iodine and other minerals.