Happy Six Month Anniversary To Me!

It’s a little strange to realise that I have been in Canada for six months so far. It seems both longer and shorter than that.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have gone through the photos I took while I was ostensibly on holiday and being a tourist (along with my recent re-trip to Toronto), and uploaded a collection of photos.

So, there’s…




Between Places (Including the train from Edmonton to Vancouver)

Return to Toronto

Aargh. Getting Internet is Being an Ordeal

Oh. My. Gosh.

I’m trying to organize getting a cable modem installed. The only good thing I can say about it is that it looks like they can do it in a timeslot where I am not at work.

However, I damn near had to argue with the “customer service rep” to get what I wanted – There is fast internet, with a sane cap (what I wanted), but they were absolutley adament that I get half-as-fast (and slightly cheaper) internet with a crazy-huge-large data cap that I would never get through.

Then, they wouldn’t let me get it as a non-1-year thing; contrary to what their website says.

And my favourite part was when she had me try and spell “M”.

I am so close to cancelling (zomg. If I could talk to a human to do that), and choosing someone else.

There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve moved into a permanent place, now. Yay. I haven’t had one of those in months.

There is a kitchen. It has plenty of power points. And all of the cupboards in the world. At the moment, there is a singular cupboard with food in it. The tall cupboard, which screams pantry, is currently playing the role of armoire. There’s another filled with tech and music gear. Another is a bookshelf. There’s a bathroom behind the kitchen; and the biggest wardrobe I’ve ever had is on the right (it even has a light. Nice. Now all I need to do is get some coat hangers so I can store clothes in it usefully.)
Home, looking inward

There is also a wide open plain of space. I have lots of space. It’s a little weird. I think it’s around about 5-600 square feet all together. At the moment, the extent of my furniture is a freestanding hammock.

A freestanding hammock is pretty comfortable for sleeping on. I didn’t fall out or off, and it didn’t collapse. It’s winning all around!
Home, looking outward

I have a skylight! Because I’m on the top floor (heh. My mailbox is labeled PH1, for penthouse 1). This does also mean I have to walk up the most stairs to get to my place.
Home, looking upward

And this was sunset last night, as seen from my balcony
Sunset from my balcony last night

Aaaand, from my balcony, I can see a really big tree. It’s pretty nice to be so central but not buildinged in.
Home, the balcony

More From The Markets


In a break from tradition, instead of getting a container of mixed berries; I bought figs and raspberries instead. My gosh. You would not believe how tasty both are. Look at the picture, and multiply that by delicieux.

Lest you think I have turned into a fruit-eating monkey, behold some non-fruit of recent acquisition.



Mushroom, mushroom

In other news, tomorrow I am moving from the short-term rental I have been living in to a place with a longer term lease. I found an amazing loft on St-Denis, and I am so very pleased. This will, however, involve acquiring furniture and the other accoutrements of having a life. I have two plates; but still only one place setting of cutlery. Heh.

Not Dead. Still Alive.

I’m mostly still alive, at least. The weather, across the past week, I will have you know, has been the kind of weather that kills a person like me. By being hot and humid. I had expected to be killed by the winter; so this being killed by summer thing is a fascinating surprise.

I meant to post this yesterday, on the tenuously significant two month anniversary of my arrival in Canada. Today is just as good. I guess.

The Hostel Doorstep in Montreal

Since last I posted, I spent a couple of weeks in Toronto, a couple of weeks in Montréal, a few days in Edmonton, and another week in Vancouver.

I’ve also been on rollercoasters. Lots of rollercoasters. I did, I will have you know, ride rollercoasters in three different timezones in less than three weeks. Going on a rollercoaster safari wasn’t something I had particularly planned, mind you.

There have also been lots of concerts. Lots and lots. Montréal has had Death Cab For Cutie, Cut/Copy, British Sea Power, Long Blondes and Los Campesinos!. Toronto had Foals, The Constantines and Creature. Vancouver had the previously mentioned Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Teenagers and Handsome Furs. Nice.

I’ve also been to theatre, museums, galleries and parks.

Which brings us to now.

I have started to learn French. J’écris un peu, et de parler un peu. Yeah.

I’m living in Montréal, now. Which is a little surprising since I was thinking about living in either Toronto or Vancouver. But that’s just how these things go, sometimes.

This is one of my favourite places in Montréal. I don’t know where it is. I went to where I thought it was, but it wasn’t there:
Somewhere near a subway station...

This week I started working at another start-up. I’m doing some pretty interesting Java stuff with a really great client. I’m totally stoked that there’s a MacBook Pro on my desk (:

For now, I’m living in a really nice furnished studio apartment where interesting things happen. As nice as it is, I should really find somewhere a little cheaper. That said, ignoring exchange rates, it’s about the same as it cost me to live at Oriental Bay.

This is from my balcony:

The people here are, on the whole, exceedingly nice. I should really acquire one.